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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a character for my party?

     First decide what day you are going to have your party, then decide which character/s you would like to invite to your party. After you decide which character, decide which package would be the best for you. Lastly, visit the "Book Here" page to book your character. After you submit your request, we will send you an email to confirm availability and how to finalize your booking!

How far in advance should I book a character?

     You can request as far as one year in advance. You should book your character no less than two weeks in advance. Booking a character within two weeks of your party will equal a $20.00 late booking charge for accommodating your short notice request. 


What do I need to provide for the party?

     Everything is supplied by the company, the only thing we need is a room or space big enough to fit the character and all of the guests so that they may host the activities with ease. If your party is outside, please be sure to provide an indoor alternative just in case the weather is unreasonable. If you do not have an indoor alternative we may have to cancel for safety reasons.


Should I offer the character something to eat or drink?

     Nope! I promise that the character would love some of your ooey gooey homemade chocolate cake, however, our costumes are very delicate and we do not want to risk spilling anything on them. However, if you would like to package it to go we would love to enjoy it later!


How much should I tip the performer?

     Tips are not required, however they are greatly appreciated. Tips are typically 20% of the total cost.


Where is your company located?

     We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We also serve the surrounding areas within 20 miles. Any further than that may be an additional cost.


What forms of payment do you accept?

     We accept cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo and Cashapp.


What if I want a character that you do not offer?

     If you would like a character that we do not offer, email us with your character request and date of party. If that character is obtainable and if your party is at least two months away we may be able to have that character at your party.

Do you offer discounts for service members and their families?

     Yes we do! The owner is a surviving child of a fallen service member so we understand the sacrifice and are pleased to offer a 15% off discount for all current and retired service members and their families. This includes police officers, firefighters, US military, and other government officials. Use discount code "SERVICE15"

Does Celestial Princess Parties donate their services?

     Absolutely! In the past we have worked with many non-profit and charitable foundations to bring smiles to as many as we can. If you are with a non-profit or charity organization, we would be honored to share our magic with those in need. To discuss more or for other fundraising events or sponsorships, please email us at

Do you have an unanswered question? 

Send us an email at or leave us a message at (706)330-4039 and we will get to you as soon as we can to help you finish your party planning!


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